Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Turkey in the Straw

When we were driving home the other day we were listening to some kids music- and this was the conversation. First up- Turkey in the Straw.

Ollie: Mom, how did the turkey get into the straw?

Me: Well Ollie it's not a drinking straw it's a different kind of straw

Ollie: But mom, how did he get in the straw? Isn't he too big?

Me: Ollie it's a type of grain they feed animals

Ollie: huh?

Me: I'll show you a picture when we get home

Ollie: Why don't you have a picture now?

This continued for another several minutes until he was satisfied I'd show him a picture until.....

Jimmy Crack Corn

Ollie: Mom what is Jimmy crack corn?

Me: Ask Nana

And that was the end of the conversation! Whew! Because I REALLY had no idea how to explain Jimmy Crack Corn. However the next time he saw Nana he made sure to ask her about Jimmy Crack Corn.

To those of you who were wondering you can read about Jimmy Crack Corn here:

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